Bach Self Storage North Ogden

2197 N 400 E, North Ogden, UT 84414
Current Customers: 801.737.4435

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5 Stars - 9 Reviews
Really Nice Storage Facility
February 29, 2020
The facility is clean and well maintained. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The units are also clean and the 10x10 unit we reserved had tall ceilings for lots of space. Premises are very secure.
Amazing staff
Mark J.
January 7, 2020
Needed a unit ASAP due to flooding, the woman that runs the office was outstanding! She went above and beyond what she needed to do and assured me that my belongings were in good hands. Thank you Tia
Thiefs on the hunt
Eric Lukianczyk
April 30, 2019
Bought a new camping trailer and only had the parking space for two months. Went to get my camper ready for its first weekend and someone stole my batteries!!!! The place does not insure anything stolen or damaged! Time to find a new place!!!!!!!!!!
Overall Best Facility
Crystal Lake
January 22, 2019
I have been so impressed with this facility. Having used several facilities over the years, I know a bit about storage units. The units themselves are very nice and are completely enclosed with solid walls and ceiling. Also, the security is just right, more than most storage facilities, but nothing overly-expensive and superfluous. In addition to the security cameras and code-access gates of the facility, each unit has high-security locks and an alarm system. More than any of that though, the managers are amazing. They listen and address things quickly. For instance, at one point a couple years ago, there was an issue with the snowplow contractor, and I got my car stuck in some deep snow by my unit. I called the after-hours line and the manager and a few others she recruited came out to help get my car out of the snow. They followed up with me soon after to let me know that they had purchased a snowplow for the facility. I have not had an problems with the snow since then. Thank you, Bach Storage, for taking such great care of us!
August 1, 2018
so their customer service isn't as bad as i had thought. i was contacted tonight about what had happened and found out that the gal who worked the weekend did look through the security tapes about the chocks being moved, and she just didn't see anything. the word just hadn't gotten to the managers so they weren't aware of that. she was very nice and talked to me nicely. maybe they would have done more about the conflict with the guy when leaving the gate, maybe we didn't give them enough time to review that tape. but they do have security camperas that work so they aren't as bad as i had originally said. hopefully they improve in the couple of areas, but i'm sure they will. thanks
Lisa Moss
August 1, 2018
Warning: so my dad and i were at Bach storage, in north Ogden we kept our camper trailer there and we were there to do something and on the way out we were leaving and this car came up fast behind us so my dad stopped the car to have the guy put his own code in so he didn't leave the place using our code. but the guy started gesturing towards us rudely and my dad didn't move. so the guy got out of his car came up to us yelling and screaming, he didn't know i was there yet. he said "Do you want me to come drag you out of your car and beat you up?" he said that walking up to us and thats when he saw me and backed off but was still yelling and cussing. this guy was driving a black SUV possibly a Cadillac, he was white a little heavy set with gray facial hair and he was bald. my dad was telling him to follow the rules, which means you only go out with your own code no piggy backing out of the place. so eventually the guy backed up and put in his code so we went forward up to the stop sign to turn right and he came up beside us still yelling and cussing. we left. so then this morning we went over there and reported it. and they didn't seem like they cared at all. we came home and talked about it. only last week did dad's stocks that hold the wheels in place so it doens't blow around, they had been knocked out by someone. dad told them a week ago about it. and when we went in to report the guy they said they didn't have time to review their tapes to see who had done this. so because they didn't seem to care, and because we felt we would have to do buddies to go there from now on, we decided to move our trailer out of there. so when my dad went over to tell them he asked if they had looked at the video of yesterday. she said they hadn't had time and the other guy was working two jobs and was sleeping even though my dad saw him in the back sweeping. so obviously they don't care about security. or safety. Don't have your things there, if something goes wrong they don't care and wont do anything about it. its a terrible place! this is a warning to everyone, avoid this place its dangerous and unsafe and not secure
Amazing facility & staff
December 11, 2017
The beat customer service there is. Great prices, super clean & great security! ! Definitely recommend. To everyone!! Thanks Mary & Jim.
Management is the Best!
Nicole H.
August 7, 2017
Mary and Jim have been so great to work with. They keep the facility so clean and are so quick to answer any questions!
Clean and secure!
Chris Pavia
July 20, 2017
Excellent facilities. Clean and secure. Great staff - very helpful and responsive.
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